Commissions and Customs

Any client that puts in a request for a pair of custom shoes/any commissions must leave a $20 deposit for me to start working/ sketching (which will go towards your commission). After the client is happy with the sketch/plan, we can proceed to start on the commission/pair of shoes. 

 For shoes, after the deposit you must pay the full price of the shoe to begin the work (considering the $20 deposit was already made). After the full price of the shoe is paid, I will begin working on the customizing portion. Once finished, I MUST receive rest of the payment (customization fee which is almost always $100) in order to ship out your order. If I contact you and let you know that your customs are finished, and I do not receive the rest of the payment 3 weeks after you have been notified, you forfeit your deposit and the cost of the shoes and will also NO LONGER RECEIVE THE SHOES. 

For commissions like paintings/drawings, after the $20 deposit I will start working on the actual piece (your sketch has already been done and you approve of the design/work). Once we come to the agreement that I can start working on your commission, you must pay half of the agreed price. Once the commission is finished and you have agreed to the final product, the last half of the payment is expected. If you do not send the last half of the payment 3 weeks after coming to the agreement that your piece has been finalized/finished, you forfeit your piece/commission along with the $20 deposit that goes towards your commission along with the rest of the first half of your payment. 

These policies may seem strict, but in order for me to get to work on everyone's commissions/customs in a timely manner, I can't drag out any work and can't be wasting time working on commissions/customs I will not be receiving pay for. I hope you understand, and if need be we can always come to an agreement and compromise. Thank you for understanding!