Littlemichee is just an alias, my real name is Michelle. I've been doing art forever, literally since I was a child. I'm self taught, I took some classes here and there back in highschool but never really enjoyed them since they were so structured and never really let me work out of their guidelines or structure without being deemed as wrong or having to work in a certain way. I only recently started to sell my work, even though I have been wanting to for quite some time. I just could never seem to motivate myself enough to go through with it. I didn't think that what I did was worth anything, since I usually just draw or paint as a way to cope with whatever is going on in my life. As someone who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, this has always been one of the only ways that I know to deal with all the mishaps in my life, and one of the only things that I feel I have a purpose for. Thanks to the motivation I received from a certain individual, I was finally able to really start pushing myself out of my comfort zone and putting myself and my work out there. I have been so grateful for all of the responses i've received ever since, and even more grateful for all of the people who I have managed to inspire to either start up with their art again or just simply managed to show them an appreciation for art. That's just a bit about how all of this came to be and a huge thanks to anyone who has ever supported me along the way.